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The Cost of Cost Saving

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The cost of cost saving

My mind wanders on train journeys. I start to think about the things in front of me. So it is not surprising that I can make the occasion leap of thought. Today I was trying to find out whether my train ticket would be valid for the trim that was during just 5 minutes time. When the ticket guy asked to see my ticket I had to behave like someone in a foreign country trying to pay a bill with unfamiliar currency. I did not have a clue which of the many pieces of orange, credit card sized pieces of card was my ticket. I simply pushed the entire stack toward him and suggested he find it. As someone who has spent much time trying to work out how to reduce the cost of systems for clients, I can understand the thought processes behind using a single printer to reduce the tickets, seat reservations, receipts, confirmations and whatnot, but this cost saving justification does not factor in the impact on customer experience. This cost saving design decision means that when I travel by train I am made to feel stupid. Is it a good idea to make your customers feel stupid when using your service?