Get this stuff out of my head.


WordPress By day I am a humble consultant, only able to wave my arms in the general direction of business problems hoping that such incantations as ‘you really need to think about your entire digital strategy’ will help my clients’ confusion about social media and distributed web architectures disappear. But by night I lurk in the the darker corners of Twitter looking for people with Wordpress problems. Whether they need to recover a fouled up installation or perhaps they are confused about which plugins they should use. Hopefully they are in need of a very particular solution that can be solved by a specific, yet simple, plugin. This is when I step out of the shadow and offer to help, with no more than the exchange of an SSH password I can often get folks out of a real fix.

All for the price of… well nothing.. I do it for the kicks and maybe an @mention.

So if you find yourself in need of some Wordpress help and your problem is interesting (yet not too tricky), perhaps you should call on @saulcozens