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Event Sponsorship Opportunity of Wifi Fail

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If you’ve ever been to a tech conference or event, I’m sure you’ve noticed how the wifi always seems to fall over. The venue owners alway seem to under estimate the number of wifi devices that are used by techies. I have a version 1 iPad so have to have my phone connected too in order to take and post photos. Also, I understand that iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) treat wifi access point really badly and too many in the same place will cause routers to crash horribly.

Quite why venues can’t do a bit of testing and actually check how far their wifi provision can be pushed is a mystery to me, but when typing in a wifi password for the umpteenth time at a recant event it occurred to me (and my friend @chrisdymond) that someone is missing an opportunity to take advantage of this failure.

If a company were to sponsor the wifi login password and brand up the login page (if it’s a proxy based authentication system), then their name would be embedded in the attendee’s brain for days. It’s something they would simply HAVE to remember. A good combination of username and password could help too:
Username: acme-web-apps
Password: good-UX

Of course they would run the risk of forever being associated with failure!

I heard from Chris this morning that the password for the wifi at Activate2011 is sponsored by Barclaycard. Let’s hope it doesn’t crash eh!