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Another Letter to My MP Re: The Digital Economy Bill

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Once again I find myself using the brilliant to show my displeasure at the Digital Economy Bill and how it is being pushed through the Parliamentary process. I seem to be turning into ‘Angry from Sheffield’.

Dear Angela Smith, You recently replied to my enquiry regarding the Digital Economy Bill stating that you “believe in appropriate scrutiny of all Parliamentary business and would not make decisions on legislation out of haste or speed”.

I am now writing to you to urge you to live up to this statement by showing your support for the Early Day Motion being put forward by your colleague Austin Mitchell. He, and many other MPs wish to ensure that this proposed legislation is properly scrutinised and considered before being passed into law.

The possibility of this Bill becoming law via the ‘smoke-filled-rooms’ of the wash-up fills me with dread that we may have to live with the legacy of a badly formed law for years to come.

I hope you recognise that proper scrutiny on this matter is of paramount importance and that you can stand by your previous statements,

Yours sincerely,

Saul Cozens