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A Wordpress Plugin to Change the Default Image Size

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Wooo hoo! I’m releasing into the wild my first ever released wordpress plugin (I’ve writtne a couple now - but this is the first that might be of use to any one else). It’s pretty damn simple - all it does is change the default for the image size when you choose to insert an image from your WP gallery into a post.  It was written to save Chris Spooner’s sanity as he had to keep making an HTML change to media.php every time he upgraded wordpress. I might get round to setting up an account on the official Wordpress Plugn directory sometime, but until then - you can down load the plugin here To install, simply untar and drop into your plugins folder.  you can edit the plugin to change what the default image size should be (it didn’t seem worth while adding a menu item for that one option). If you find it useful please feedback, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy and good about myself.