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Aspire Acer Revo + Ubuntu + Boxee

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I’ve received an Aspire Acer Revo on Friday and have spent a few hour s so far this weekend installing:
  • Ubuntu
  • Boxee
Thanks to Liam Green-Hughes fantastic guide, it’s been relatively painless.  I didn’t need to do the crazy-assed graphix driver installaiton either - I just used EnvyNG to get and install the correct Nvidia drivers. I now have it all up and running and playing music and video from my NAS. My next task is to interface a standard Sky remote control via LiRC and a Nintendo Wii remote via bluetooth.  I can then start building apps on top of the XUL based interface provided by Boxee. If anyone has any ideas of apps that would be appropriate for a TV based device (either in the home or in an office environment) or any interesting ways in which gestures from a Wii remote could be interpreted, please let me know.