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It’s actually been over  a year since I attempted to get loads of Sheffield web people together to chat about web stuff.  So, after numerous proddings by Chris, I have set a date for the first one of 2009. The format is simple, there is no format. It’s a completely unstructured social event.  Turn up, eat, drink and talk to people.  Talk to people you know and to people you don’t.  Talk about the web, talk about the weather.  Whatever.  I’d really like it if you’d blog/tweet/email what you talked about (or what you can remember).  But whatever. Rather than being the rather elitist and snobbish affair that it has been previous (yeah, right!) I decided this time to make it an all comers event.  If you know of anyone who’d like to meet up for a drink and a chat about web stuff, please point them at After checking for conflicts with other local web events, I’ve set the date for March the 26th, and I see no reason not to meet-up at the Devonshire Cat again. Please use to state whether you’re likely to attend as, if the numbers go crazy, I might have to warn them we’re coming.